Policies and Requirements
​K-9 Ranch needs a copy of your pets vaccinations for:
       1) Rabies   (last 3 years)
       2) Distemper/parvo   (within last 3 years)
       3) Bordatella   (within last year)

All dogs are encouraged to be on a flea preventive. The kennel, house, and yard are treated for fleas on a regular basis. That being said, k-9 Ranch is a indoor/outdoor facility and fleas are inherent to the outdoors. We have birds, squirrels, and deer on and around our property. If a pet is brought into the kennel with fleas, they will be treated at owners expense.

Please have your pets vet visit for updated shots at least two weeks before boarding.

I recommend you bring your pets own food. PLEASE LABEL PETS ZIPLOCK BAGS OR CONTANIERS WITH PETS NAME AND FEEDING TIMES. Please feel free to bring your pets toys and bed to help with their stay with us. I do my best to ensure belongings are returned to you in the same condition, however I can not guarantee it. 

All leashes and collars will be removed for the safety of your pets. I encourage all pets to be microchiped.

All dogs must be spayed or neutered.

If any dog brought in to K-9 Ranch shows aggression, you will be asked to come pick your pet up or make plans to have someone pick up for you.

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